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Full Moon Yoga Classes

One Sunday a month, 6 - 7:15 pm.
Drop ins welcome, regular rates apply, (memberships and class cards too)

The 6 pm Sunday night yoga classes that fall on or near the full moon are a delightful blend of mystery, history and magic. Join us as we weave in the stories of the moon and the natural world to the practice of yoga. Each special class is unique to the month & season, taught by Beth Wadden. All Levels Kripalu Yoga is at the heart of these joyful classes.

Scheduled dates for 2017:

May 7, Full Flower Moon, June 11, Honey Moon
July 9, Thunder Moon, August 6, Green Corn Moon
September 3, Fruit Moon, October 8, Harvest Moon
November 5, Beaver Moon, December 3, Close Moon

Heartsong Yoga, 264 North Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01028 • Phone: 413-525-0720

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