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This is the Daily "Drop In" Class Schedule

"Drop In" means you can come to any class, any time.
These classes are on going, start any time.
No pre registration needed. 
Please arrive a little early to your very first class to get settled.

Classes are 75 minutes unless noted.

9:00 am      
Kripalu All Levels                           Sheila
9:15 am       Ashtanga Vinyasa                       Amy
11 am    Gentle/Creative Movement  60 min.  Lisa Katz  
3:30 pm         Gentle/Beginner                        Lyn    
5:45 pm       
Kripalu Moderate                           Aimee
6:00 pm         Ashtanga Vinyasa                     Mark 
7:30 pm        
Kripalu Gentle/Beginners            Beth



7:00 am         Morning Yoga Flow  60 min.    Janine 
9:00 am      
Kripalu Gentle/Beginners              Joanne
9:15 am     Ashtanga Vinyasa     90 min.        Sheila
5:45 pm    Yin Yoga (quiet, deeply relaxing, beginners welcome) Michele
6:00 pm        Moderate Yoga                          Lauri

7:30 pm         Ashtanga Vinyasa                    Lisa B.


9:00 am       Kripalu All Levels                      Jane
9:15 am       Ashtanga Vinyasa                   Lisa B.

11:00 am     Chair Yoga  90  min.                   
3:30 pm       
Kripalu Gentle/Beginners           Sheila
5:45 pm        Flow Yoga                                   Sheila      
6:00 pm        Gentle /Beginners                      Cat 

7:30 pm        Ashtanga Vinyasa                     Amy        

7:00 am        Morning Yoga Flow    60 min.      Janine
9:00 am      Kripalu Gentle/Beginners                 Joanne
9:15 -am      Ashtanga Level Vinyasa   90 min.   Sheila
5:45 pm      Kripalu Gentle/Beginners                  Sheila
6:00 pm       Kripalu Moderate                          Jane
7:30 pm       Ashtanga Vinyasa                     Lisa B.
7:30 pm  Women Only Yoga  (NO CLASS 1st Thurs. each mo.) Heather
7:30 pm  Yoga Nidra  (1st Thursday each mo.) Jane  $15. drop in 


9:00 am        Moderate Yoga                                Lauri
9:15 am      Ashtanga Vinyasa     90 min.         Stacey

5:45 pm     
All Levels                                             Sue
6:00 pm     TGI Friday Flow         60 min.              Steve


7:30 am      Ashtanga Vinyasa                       Mark 
9:00 am      Kripalu Moderate                             Jane
9:15 am      Kripalu Gentle/Beginners          AnnMarie
11:00 am    Prenatal Yoga              Lynn     start anytime


9:00  am     Kripalu All Levels                          Beth
9:00  am     Ashtanga Vinyasa          90 min.    Lisa B.
11:00 - 12:00   Family Yoga    1st & 3rd Sun. each mo.  Lisa  $5. drop in.
4:45 - 5:30       Laughter Yoga    Multi generational.  Rob Rivest, FREE
6:00  pm       Kripalu All Levels                          Beth

All of the classes are available to drop "pay per class"
or purchase a ten class card (10 classes for the price of 9) or monthly membership for unlimited visits to these classes
, except for those listed in blue that have a separate fee or run in a series.

If you are brand new to yoga and want a relaxing, stress reducing stretchy kind of a class, choose a Kripalu Gentle/Beginner class to start, or the Women Only class.
If you are brand new to yoga want a more athletic, vigorous style class, choose an Ashtanga Vinyasa or any Flow style class to begin. 

If you have any questions or concerns, call Sheila at 413-525-0720 to have a conversation before coming to your first class, or send her an email and she will be happy to guide you to the perfect class for you.

Quick Link to class fees.  
Quick Link to FAQ's for New Students

Classes listed in Blue
are specialty classes with separate rates or fees, or run in series.

Classes and teachers are subject to change.  

Teachers will choose subs when needed and we are grateful for our community of wonderful teachers who are able to help one another when necessary. There is always something marvelous to learn from a sub.

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